It’s lovely that you’re here! You have made somebody happy (me) just by reading this. Because as everybody knows, if a writer knocks down a tree with her words, and there’s nobody to read them, ain’t nobody happy (most especially not the tree, I should think). Anyway! Please rummage around a bit.

If you are looking for writing, editing, and design services, please check out my Latest Portfolio and my Writing Samples. I do fliers, brochures, articles, postcards, letters, social media squares, website text, and more — just about anything your business or nonprofit organization might need to get your message out there and have it look and “sound” its best. I’d love to hear from you with your opinion about my work. I am very happy to discuss new projects that require text, editing, and/or layout and design. Feel free to tell me about your project, and let’s chat about what we can create together!

My blog is a new, “creative” outlet, something I do for myself. Blog topics will include, but will not be limited to, spiritual quests, good books, psychological disorders (mostly my own), meditation, running, running as meditation, marriage, cheese, social justice, interior decorating, parenthood, arugula recipes, the meaning of life, and yarn crafts. (But not necessarily in that order.)

Want to connect? Find me on Facebook at Jesi Butler, Writer

I hope you’ll subscribe, comment, or write me an email at I’ll hear you. Thank you!

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