Standing in front of large book

I have a great job.

I mean, don’t tell anybody, but sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work.

That’s because learning and creating are my happy places. So how does what I call “the word magic” happen? What goes on if you hire me? It’s about collaboration and curiosity, my friends.

Here’s how it works…

  • First, I learn about a new client’s business or organization: what they do, how they do it, what their mission is, and what’s most important to them. We can do this in person with a tour, or via web chatting, talking on the phone, exchanging emails, or a combination. Technology means I’m not limited to my local area, of course — so I can “meet you” just about anywhere. No jet lag, no cab fare.
  • Together, the client and I craft and refine the words we need to bring their message to the world. I listen hard, I ask a lot of questions. I take a lot of notes, I drink a lot of coffee. We bounce ideas around, we brainstorm, and everybody has fun. We usually start out with a bigger document, and once all the good stuff is right there in front of us, we pare it down to exactly what the client needs at that time. Some projects stop here (letters, website text, etc.) and that’s perfectly okay. But my favorites are the ones that don’t.
  • Finally (when needed), I create the design that helps tell the story. It’s a massive amount of fun to sit down with a piece of original text I’m happy with, and then engage the “visual” part of my creativity. I even do some photography of my own when needed. (My camera is smarter than I am, but she’s patient with me, and together we do a pretty good job.) The end result? A well-written, visually appealing piece that is ready to be printed or shared in any format. For full-color printing, I can create large PDF files with crop and bleed marks, and transmit them directly to your printer if you like. You won’t even be in danger of a paper cut.
my own logo...made by me, naturally
My very own logo!
Made by me, naturally.

Sound like fun to you? Any questions? Please feel free to ask. I’m very happy to discuss your project and give you more details. I hope to hear from you so we can talk about what we can create! Reach me at