Running Into the Arms of Life

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Welcome to the creative, personal segment of my website — my blog.

It’s lovely that you’re here. You have made somebody happy (me!) just by reading this. Because as everybody knows, if a writer knocks down a tree with her words, and there’s nobody to read them, ain’t nobody happy (most especially not the tree, I should think). Anyway! I envision this blog as a type of magazine, and the only common denominator, so far, is that all of it will be things I’m excited to experience, learn about, and share with you. (That old advice, Write what you know, yes?)

So: I want to blog about who I am and what I’ve discovered. What I’ve messed up and learned from. We’re all just pilgrims on the path, and sometimes we can tell each other which ways have led us to the best views. Sometimes, those ways are long and winding indeed. So my topics here may include spiritual quests, good books, psychological disorders (mostly my own), meditation, running, running as meditation, marriage, cheese, social justice, interior decorating, parenthood, arugula recipes, the meaning of life, beer, and yarn crafts. And not necessarily in that order, of course.

All of these themes will be here because their common thread is this: the idea of living life creatively, joyfully, and in the moment. In other words: running into Life’s arms like you’re really, truly happy to see her. Like she’s been away, and you’ve missed her, and there she is, and you can’t wait to throw your arms around her and hold her close and be utterly absorbed in the giddiness of that moment. When you’re loving Life, you embrace her with joy. You run out and throw yourself into her arms as if she is your mother, your father, your God, your Spirit, your child, your beloved. Because — she is. And every day, in almost everything we do, we can find more of those feelings of reunion and delight, of clarity and happiness.

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